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Resmed CPAP Machine Power Supplies

Resmed CPAP Machine Power Supplies in Las Vegas

As a leading online provider of CPAP equipment and supplies in Las Vegas, our facility carries Resmed CPAP machine power supplies, each of which provides a convenient option to extend the use of your equipment while also making it easier to take your device with you on an overnight trip or weeklong vacation. If the unavailability of an electrical outlet has prevented you from using your sleep therapy equipment when you are away from home, one of the options that we carry in our shop might be perfect for your needs. Here is a brief look at what is currently available.

ResMed S9™ 30W Power Supply

The ResMed S9™ 30W power supply is designed so that it can be used with any of ResMed’s S9 devices. You aren’t required to use the heated (H5i™) humidifier at the same time in order to use this particular power supply. It is much smaller than the ResMed S9™ 90W power supply, which is the one that comes with your purchase of any S9™ device. Since it doesn’t weigh much, it provides a good option when traveling with your ResMed sleep device and don’t intend to bring your heated humidifier.


ResMedS9™ 90W Power Supply


Offering a high level of flexible use, the ResMed S9™ 90W power supply is compatible with any of ResMed’s S9™ pieces of equipment that are utilized with its heated (H5i™) humidifier. It allows you to connect your sleep therapy device with the primary power supply.

ResMed S9™ DC/DC Converter 24V/90W Output

ResMed Power Station II (RPS II)

Designed to work alongside of your CPAP equipment, the ResMed power station II (RPS II) is a lithium-ion battery with a long life. It is designed for use with ResMed ventilators and CPAP devices. This piece of equipment is lightweight, so it is easy to carry for most people, making it the perfect choice for traveling. No electricity? Don’t worry. Just plug your equipment in and use it for as long as 13 hours. The ResMed power station II (RPS II) is also a great CPAP accessory for those times when your home is experiencing a power outage.