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Philips Respironics

Philips Respironics CPAP Machines System One in Las Vegas

Styled to ease breathing in order to allow people to sleep as naturally as possible, Philips Respironics CPAP machines are innovatively designed with unique features that offer the highest level of comfort and effectiveness. As anyone suffering from a sleep disorder knows, getting a full night of slumber is essential to how productive you are going to be the next day.

Phillips Respironics CPAP and Bi-level devices are styled to ensure that each patient obtains a peaceful night of sleep that is without incident. As a result, patients no longer suffer from snoring that keeps their family awake or interrupted breathing that wakes them up and keeps them awake as they develop a bout of insomnia. The end result is that patients choosing Phillips Respironics equipment feel well rested in the morning, allowing them to experience life in a more positive manner each and every day.

Features Offered by Phillips Respironics CPAP Machines

Offering a convenient and simple way to get a good night’s sleep, Phillips Respironics CPAP machines offer the following features:

  • Quiet performance, which means that no extra noise is added to your living environment
  • Simple to use, which means you don’t have to worry about figuring out how to use your equipment
  • Flexible tubing that is designed to move as you move to prevent entanglements
  • Portable design, which makes the device easy to carry from room to room or during vacations and business trips
  • Options to include humidification in your sleep therapy routine
  • Manufacturer’s warranty

In addition to the above features, Phillips Respironics CPAP devices are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the United States. These machines are styled with the patients in mind, enhancing the user experience.

CPAP Equipment

Each machine provides a continuous airflow that is gentle and comfortable throughout the sleep session. The pressure setting is determined by your physician and set by the provider. The device maintains an open airway that prevents interrupted sleep caused by a lack of oxygen. Many comfort features are included. As technology improves, newer models become available for purchase.

Auto Devices

For individuals who require variable pressure settings, the auto device is the perfect choice. Its intuitive design allows it to sense changes in your pressure needs, adjusting settings to meet these needs. They are quite similar to other models manufactured by Philips Respironics, so they include the same high level of flexibility and comfort in design.

Bi-Level Equipment

Many patients require two separate pressure settings – one for inhaling (breathing air in) and one for exhaling (breathing air out). Each bi-level machine offers a variety of comfort features, providing the same great experience as other Philips Respironics machines.