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Full Face Masks

Full face maks in CPAP store Las Vegas

Whether you are a first time user of CPAP equipment or not, you might discover that you are interested in trying different type of masks in order to find the one that offers the best fit for your personal needs. After all, your CPAP mask is an essential part of your sleep apnea therapy. It’s important to find a mask that fits comfortably so that you’ll continue using your treatment. If your mask doesn’t fit well, it won’t resolve the breathing issues that you’ve been experiencing due to your sleep apnea.

Features of the CPAP Full Face Mask

The full face mask is designed to cover your mouth and nose. It includes a framed headgear that provides stability and support. This mask is the largest of all styles.

Benefits of Choosing the CPAP Full Face Mask

Some people appreciate using this style of mask since it helps to resolve breathing issues caused by sinus problems, colds, allergies, deviated septums, nasal sensitivity, nasal blockages, and anxiety. The full face mask is a good option for patients who keep their mouths open while sleeping. The design of the mask prevents the leakage of air, providing a better sleeping experience.

The combination of the headgear with a larger mask that covers the nose and the mouth provides stability. As a result, the full face mask is a good option for anyone who is a restless sleeper.

Since the full face mask covers the mouth and nose, it is an ideal option for anyone requiring high pressure levels. The pressure of the air flowing through the mask seems less forceful than if a nasal mask had been used.

Why Isn’t the Full Face Mask Recommended for an Entry Level Model?

Although many patients do well with this style of mask, it isn’t appropriate for everyone. Individuals who suffer from claustrophobia might have issues when wearing this style of mask due to the closed-in feeling that it creates. The most important thing is to ensure that your CPAP mask provide a good fit so that it fits comfortably.


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