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Cpap Store Rental Machines Policy and Procedures

Here at Cpap Store Las Vegas, we offer a machine rental program that makes it possible for customers to rent one of our machines for a day, a week or a whole month. Please call to check for pricing.

Our rental policy includes each of the following types of equipment:

  • CPAP
  • Auto CPAP
  • Bi-Level
  • Heated humidifiers

Benefits of Our Rental Machine Policy

Our rental policy allows our customers to try out a different type of machine from their usual one without having to follow through with a purchase if they decide that the equipment doesn’t meet their expectations. During this trial period, customers can test out the equipment for approximately thirty days without any worry. The rental period varies depending on demand. If the customer determines that the new machine is suitable, they can decide to purchase it. Alternatively, customers who are not happy with the device can simply return it within the proper timeframe without having to invest the money to buy it. As a result, customers get to save money while trying out multiple machines.

Rental Machines Available During Repairs on Personal Machines

Customers who have sent in their personal machine for repairs or for a return using the manufacturer’s warranty can rent a machine while they wait. This policy allows customers to enjoy a peaceful night’s rest while issues with their existing equipment are handled appropriately.

Rental Machine Process

Our CPAP machines, Auto CPAP equipment, Bi-Level units, and heated humidifiers are sanitized prior to shipment. A new filter and tubing accompanies the unit. A $500 deposit is due at the time of the rental. The next available machine matching your request is sent as soon as it is ready. The $500 deposit is refunded to the customer once the item is returned to us in good condition and with all of the original packaging.

Prescriptions for Rental Machines

In order to obtain a rental machine, you must first submit a valid prescription, which must be received before we can ship your item. If you are experiencing difficulty obtaining your prescription, please call us directly for assistance.

Returning Customers & Prescriptions

If you are an existing customer, it is possible that we have a copy of your prescription on file. If it is still valid, we can use it for the rental transaction. Just let us know that your prescription might be on file, and we will check.

New Customers& Prescriptions

If you are a new customer to our Cpap Store, we will require a copy of your prescription for the equipment. You can provide your prescription using one of the following methods:
 Fax the prescription to 1.702.485.1847
 Email the prescription to cpapstorelasvegas@gmail.com

Cancellation or Your Order for a Rental Machine Due to Lack of a Prescription

If we do not receive your prescription within seven days of placing your order, we will cancel it and charge you a 10% administrative fee. You will receive a refund for your purchase less the value of the 10% administrative fee.

Rental Policy for Home Sleep Tests

If you are interested in renting equipment for a home sleep test (HST), the rental period is set for one to two weeks. It is important to note that a timely return is the only way to arrive at an accurate diagnosis of the results from the sleep study.

The customer is responsible for the full cost of the HST unit if it is damaged beyond repair, stolen, or lost. Only the manufacturer can determine whether or not the HST equipment is irreparably damaged. The manufacturer decides how much the customer must pay in reparation. If the HST equipment is reparable, the customer must pay for the full cost of the repair as determined by the manufacturer of the unit.


If you have any questions, please contact us at 1.702.485.1847 during normal business hours. We are always happy to help.


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