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A Look at Oxygen Concentrators

A Look at Oxygen Concentrators

If you need help breathing, your physician might have recommended that you begin using a specialized device known as an oxygen concentrator. These devices are designed to assist individuals who experience breathing issues on an ongoing basis that usually involves every day of their life. This type of breathing issue is usually classified as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD. People who have emphysema and bronchitis fall into this category along with individuals who have been diagnosed with severe asthma.

What Are Oxygen Concentrators?

Oxygen concentrators deliver a continual stream of concentrated oxygen to the patients who are using the equipment. These devices provide a better supply of oxygen than normal breathing would permit, enabling the heart to function without added stress. Essentially, they are intended to make it easier for people who experience difficulty breathing to get the oxygen their bodies need to keep them healthy and alert. Oxygen concentrators are medical devices and require a prescription from a physician.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators

In direct response to customer demands for portability, smaller oxygen concentrators are now available for customers who desire them. Portable devices are much smaller in size than traditional machines, and they are lightweight in design as well. As a result, these machines are easier to carry from room to room for daily use as well as to transport in a motor vehicle. Some individuals purchase two devices – one for their sleeping quarters and another to use on their daily activities.

Popular Brands Selling Oxygen Concentrators

Here at CPAP Store Las Vegas, our inventory includes many of the most popular brands offering oxygen concentrators for sale to the public. Some of these manufacturers include:

Philips Respironics

Buying Your Oxygen Concentrator

CPAP Store Las Vegas offers a quality selection of high-performing oxygen concentrators and accessories. It is necessary for all customers to receive a prescription from their physician before they can purchase a device. Moreover, each unit should be professionally set up in the individual’s location to ensure that it operates properly.

If your physician has given you a prescription for an oxygen concentrator, it is possible that your health insurance might cover all or part of the cost of this medical device. To find out whether or not this applies to your coverage, you should contact your health insurance provider or ask a store representative to do so for you. If you need assistance completing your claim form, you should speak with a knowledgeable individual from your provider. Here at CPAP Store Las Vegas, our representatives might be able to answer claim-related questions for you, depending on the type of insurance coverage you have.

To find the best prices on oxygen concentrators and oximeters, you should look for an online provider with a large inventory of products. Finding a company that also provides free or low-cost shipping can also offer cost savings. To find the model that is best suited to your needs, speak with a customer representative before you make your online selection.


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