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CPAP Masks in Las Vegas

Did you know that your selection of a CPAP mask in a critical part of ensuring the success of your therapy? Here at CPAP Store Las Vegas, we provide one of the most extensive assortments of CPAP masks available, giving our customers access to lots of quality choices. You might be wondering why we provide so many different options. The answer is simple. Although sleep apnea sufferers experience some of the same symptoms of this condition, their individual needs are different. Keep reading to understand what that statement actually means.

Selecting the Perfect Mask Part

One of the reasons that so many different styles of CPAP masks exist is that people practice a variety of sleep routines. Therefore, the type of mask a person selects depends upon the following factors:

  • Do you like to watch TV for a while before retiring for the night?
  • Do you breathe through your mouth?
  • Do you wear glasses and enjoy reading in bed?
  • Are you claustrophobic?

Styles of CPAP Masks parts

The flexibility offered by today’s collection of masks allows everyone to find a style that meets their personal comfort needs. This selection includes nasal, nasal pillows, full face, and hybrid masks.

  • Nasal Mask: Offering a streamlined appearance, the nasal mask covers the nose and is held on by head straps that fit around the forehead. It is perfect for anyone who wants to read or watch television before going to bed, because it doesn’t block the patient’s vision. It also makes a good choice for anyone who suffers from claustrophobia.
  • Nasal Pillows Mask: Featuring two small pillows that sit in the base of the nostrils, the nasal pillows mask doesn’t require head gear or straps of any kind. Its streamlined design enables easy television viewing or reading because it doesn’t block the eyes. It is also a user-friendly option for people who don’t want to feel closed in or covered up.
  • Full Face Mask: Styled for patients who have a tendency to sleep with their mouths wide open, the full face mask covers the mouth and nose. This eliminates the problem of the air leakage that can occur when a mouth breather uses a nasal mask. This style also helps to eliminate the problems of dry mouth and congestion.
  • Hybrid Mask: This style of mask combines the features of a full face mask with the tiny pillows that are used with the nasal pillows mask. The hybrid mask is designed to ease a patient into the use of a CPAP mask by including a specialized cushion that covers the mouth in addition to the two pillows that fit inside of the nostrils.


It is possible that the type of CPAP mask that you use changes over the years. If you are finding it difficult to continue using your CPAP therapy, please contact our store to discuss mask options that are available to you.