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CPAP Accessories

CPAP Accessories in Las Vegas

We’ve got you covered when you need CPAP accessories or replacement parts for your mask or machine. Here at our Las Vegas facility, we carry an extensive selection of straps, cushions, and tubing so that our customers always have access to what they need when they need it. We have all of the supplies and components patients need to treat their sleep apnea problems with comfort and ease.

cpap accessories in las vegasReplacement Parts

Whether you are trying out a new style or replacing a worn-out part, our Las Vegas CPAP store has a large assortment of the most commonly needed parts. We carry chinstraps, ear straps, cushions and seals, and headgear from most manufacturers, allowing our customers to have ready access to the parts that they need. Of course, we also carry necessary parts that are used daily, including filters, nasal pillows, and tubes.

Travel Supplies

If you intend to travel frequently, you’ll want to invest in a specialized case designed for this purpose. It’s important that you pick a case that is sturdy enough to protect your equipment. Most airlines even allow you to carry your CPAP machine and mask system on the flight without counting it as your personal luggage. You might also want to consider power cables, inverters, and batteries to make your journey easier.

Cleaning Accessories

Cleaning supplies are particularly important since it is critical for your health to maintain the cleanliness of your equipment. Failure to wipe your mask clean after each use or to properly wipe down your CPAP machine and humidifier can lead to infection. It’s important to select cleaning solutions that have been designed for the delicacy of this type of equipment so that your mask and devices remain in tip-top shape.

Comfort Accessories

Many patients have difficulty getting used to their CPAP equipment, which is why it is so important to consider buying a few accessories when you purchase your mask and machine. Some individuals find that it is easier to get used to their sleep therapy if they invest in a few comfort supplies for the bed. Specialized devices to hold the CPAP hose and pillows to keep the patient propped up in bed create a user friendly experience.

Skin irritation, which often occurs during CPAP therapy, is easily eliminated through the use of specialized creams and lotions and padded cushions. Patients who need help relaxing and getting used to their sleep apnea treatment might want to select a few aromatherapy items to help them feel calm.

Additional CPAP Accessories

The list of accessories is by no means short. You can purchase sleep trackers, items to handle leak control, sinus relief, and CPAP software. Humidifiers and components are also available.